I haven’t played football since school – will I be able to join in or will I embarrass myself?

We all had that worry before we joined, but we help new players to avoid injury by doing a warm-up and cool-down and by adapting our game so that you can play whatever part you can, to build up your stamina and skill level. Our players are extremely supportive of newcomers. You can play for as long or short a time as suits your fitness level.

What should I wear?

You need to bring a pair of trainers or similar soft-soled footwear to change into, but for clothing you can choose whatever you feel comfortable wearing – we give out coloured bibs at each session, to distinguish each team. A T-shirt and sweatpants or shorts will be fine, or you could wear your favourite team’s colours if you prefer. We also have a club teamwear sweatshirt which is available to purchase, bearing the club’s badge and your own initials.

Is it acceptable to play only some sessions, or even only part of one?

We are happy for you to arrive when you can and leave when you’re ready to go – if you miss our group warm-up, there is space to warm up beside the pitch before you join in the fun. Equally, we have players who work shifts and can come only every other week, and others who have family and work commitments which mean they can attend sessions only occasionally.

I am a member at Five Rivers – do I still need to pay?

Yes, the sessions are not part of Five Rivers’ standard offering, so they expect us all to pay to play. The sessions are part of an initiative by Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire FA, whose insurance covers you during the session.

How can I input ideas?

Suggestions by anyone are encouraged and welcomed. A small group has responsibility for social events, but we also gather people together for other purposes from time to time. Contacting a member of the group directly is one option for inputting suggestions, but if you are unsure of where to take your idea you should talk directly to Brian. Frankly, we are a relaxed lot, so please don’t feel inhibited from making suggestions.

Do you enter football competitions?

Although the key focus of the group is to enjoy playing and socialising at our sessions, we do occasionally arrange friendlies against other groups. We also organise an Anniversary Tournament (most recently at the Salisbury FC ground), inviting teams from surrounding venues, but we do not play in any league and have not generally emphasised that side of the game – we like to play for fun.


Why not come along and try an intial session FOR FREE, to see how you would get along?

We would encourage you to come along and try out our brand of non-contact walking football, so we can provide you with a structured introduction. We find that new players are afforded the space and time to adjust to the game, after what might have been a 40-year absence – we were all new once, so we know how important that is.