Dogs are not allowed into the stadium unless they are registered assistance dogs.

To respect our neighbours, spectators are not permitted to bring drums, air horns or megaphones into the stadium

Bag searches may be made by stewards, both outside and inside the stadium.

Metal drinks cans and bottles are not permitted in the stadium and may be removed by the stewards.

Alcohol must not be brought into the stadium, but may be purchased in the bar.  Only drinks in plastic glasses are permitted to be brought from the bar into the stadium.

Footballs must not be brought into the stadium by spectators.

Children must be accompanied by a competent adult and must not be permitted to run around the seating or terraces, because of the risk of them sustaining head injuries on the barriers.

In order that people, including stewards, can move easily around the stadium, spectators must not stand in gangways that are indicated by yellow lines painted on the ground.

For the comfort of others, no smoking or vaping must take place in any of the covered areas, including seated or standing areas.  Smoking areas are provided in areas around the ground.

Spectators must not sit on any of the barriers or on the pitch perimeter walls in case they fall and injure themselves.

Please help to reduce damage to seats, by not standing on them.


Salisbury Football Club is supporting The FA’S Respect programme to ensure football can be enjoyed by everyone in a safe and positive environment.

  • • Set a good example.
    • · Youngsters copy your conduct and attitude.
  • • Recognise sporting behaviour.
    • · Show that you appreciate sportsmanship on the field.
  • • Appreciate good football.
    • · Show that you do appreciate good football by whichever team.
  • • Consider others.
    • · Even if excited by the game, remember to be considerate to other spectators.
  • • Learn the Laws of association football.
    • · Then you will appreciate how difficult interpretation can be. Never criticise referees by shouting from the touchlines.
  • • Never use foul or abusive language.
  • • Never taking the Law into your own hands.
    • · The match officials and safety staff have been appointed to deal with all situations.
    • · Your interference will only serve to complicate matters.
  • • Refusal to follow this code or any other behaviour unacceptable to Salisbury Football Club may result in you being asked to leave our site and could result in a ban.
  • If you have any observations to make, feel free to contact one of the stewards or contact the club after the match.

Enjoy the match