Last Saturday evening, I was winding down after a busy and exciting match day. All those “BOOOOOOOOOMS” really take it out of me!

I then get a message on my phone from Sean Gallagher. He explained that he rarely gets to go to away games now and he’s been making the most of the live commentary Jon and I have been doing. He went on to make a donation for us to improve our kit.

With this generous donation, we have ordered a nice sound mixer. This will help me eliminate my homemade bundle of wires that connects various bits of kit that aren’t really designed to do what I’m asking of it. We can set up one tidy little box that takes care of everything and gives us more options and a lot more control. We’re praying it arrives before this weekend, but it’s looking unlikely.

We’ll have to get through one more game with the DIY media centre.

We would like to thank Sean Gallagher for his generous donation and it was nice to receive a pat on the back. This new mixer will make our lives so much easier and should greatly improve our broadcasts.

We will be broadcasting live from Merthyr this Saturday. This comes with all the usual disclaimers. If we have a good data signal and everything works as it should.

We will also be revealing an exciting secret at half time and will be telling you all about, A Different Gravy!! If you’re on Twitter/X give us a follow, please. @oddgravy You can also follow us on Facebook @oddgravy.

We hope you can make it to the game, but if not you can join us either on Mixlr or here on the website on our LIVE page.

If you would like to message us during the game, you can do that in the Mixlr chat room or on Twitter/X @salisburyfc

Once again, thank you, Sean. You’ve made two daft lads very happy.

Ian Pearson
November 30, 2023

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager