Entry to the lottery costs £10 a month. It gives members the chance to win cash prizes from a monthly fund as well as a big rollover sum twice a year.

It works like this:

  • The first prize each month is 25% of the available prize fund, which depends on the number of members who enter.
  • The second prize each month is 15% of the available prize fund.
  • The third prize each month is 10% of the available prize fund.

The remainder of the available prize fund is put towards the Whites Windfall draws in winter (December/January) and Summer (June/July) with a tidy lump sum available to help with Christmas and holidays.

To qualify for the super draw, you will need to have been in the lottery and paid for the previous 6 months to qualify.

For example:

If we have 100 members – which was our initial membership target, each paying £10 a month, the prize money totals £500 and the club receives £500. Half of the prize fund is then distributed on a monthly basis between three winners – £125, £75 and £50.

The remaining sum of £250 is put into the two Whites Windfall draws, each of which would then have a prize of £1500. If member numbers are more or less, prizes are in proportion.

Leaflets with entry forms are available from the SFC office or can be printed from HERE

Please fill them in and return them to the club office. The more the merrier and the bigger the prizes.

This is a great chance to win potentially big cash prizes and help your football club.