Today, we say goodbye to an incredible man who put everything into Salisbury FC and worked behind the scenes to make sure everything worked like clockwork. From commercial, marketing and events to website and social media updates, Ian done the lot!

Many years ago, when one of my well thought of colleagues was leaving the company we worked for, our boss said that no one was indispensable. He may be correct but some people are significantly less dispensable than others! One such individual is our friend and colleague Ian Pearson who leaves us this week after almost seven years at the club. Originally while taking part in walking football with other SFC volunteers he joined to help on the pitch before taking over the management of our website. From that start he soon took over the important role of managing our sponsorship liaisons, hospitality arrangements and widening the media offerings on to the burgeoning social media platforms. He has also introduced the away match commentaries and produces the post match videos. His contribution to the club has been immense as he moves on to a full time career in the social media sector. Ian is a diehard Whites supporter and I know he will be around the club on match days, even if it is only as a fan. He will always be welcome and on behalf of the club in its widest sense, I wish him well for the future. Thank you Ian for all you have done these past seven years.

We will miss you.



Everyone at Salisbury FC would like to thank Ian for all of his hard work.

Salisbury FC
May 9, 2024