SerialRiskAreaAffectsControls RequiredAdditional ControlsAction Owner
1Spread of Covid 19Promoting Good HygieneStaffControl access to the stadiumDaily stock checks of cleaning/sanitising productsBusiness Manager
VolunteersRegister all individuals entering the stadiumAdvise all workers, volunteers, visitors of procedures now in place in the stadiumBusiness Manager
VisitorsProvide additional Hand SanitisersRegistration procedure in place to enter buildingBusiness Manager
PlayersUse disposable paper towels in handwashing facilities  
Match OfficialsEnsure all handwashing stations are in good working order and provide soap, water and hand sanitiser  
2Spread of Covid 19Keep Facilities and Equipment CleanStaffRegular cleaning throughout the stadiumEmpty waste facilities regularlyBusiness Manager
VolunteersIdentify high contact points (eg door handles, stairs) for more regular cleaningShowers not to be usedBusiness Manager
VisitorsRemove any non essential items that may be difficult to cleanDeep clean and sanitise areas that likely to be used regularly.Business Manager
PlayersFollow PHE guidance if a Covid 19 case is reported at the stadium  
Match Officials   
3Spread of Covid 19Maintaining Social Distancing and avoiding congestionStaffProvide increased signage to destinations within the stadiumMonitor effectiveness of controlsBusiness manager
VolunteersReview how people enter the stadium and move around the stadiumHome team to use Home dressing room for briefings prior to the start of play and after the matchTeam Manager
VisitorsRegulate entry to the stadium to avoid overcrowdingAway team to use the Sports Bar for for briefings prior to the start of play and after the matchTeam Manager
PlayersApply the appropriate social distancing rules within the stadiumMatch officials  to use either hospitality box 5 or 6 for briefing purposesBusiness Manager
Match OfficialsConsider single use doorways to avoid congestionIn order to provide seating that will provide social distancing, seats that should not be used shall be immobilised in accordance with current guidance described in the GUIDE TO SAFETY IN SPORTS GROUNDS SUPPLEMENTARY GUIDANCE O2: PLANNING FOR SOCIAL DISTANCING AT SPORTS GROUNDS DRAFT.Safety Certificate Holder
 Limit use of toilets to avoid congestionAll players and officials to be changed on arrivalTeam Managers
 Limit the number of persons resorting to the changing roomsAll players and officials should keep transport sharing to the minimalTeam Managers
 Notices indicating the direction to the pitch and toilet facilities to be provided where required.  
 When the stadium is open to spectators, 2 metre distances to be indicated on the ground in areas where they may queue.