We’ve been contacted by a local charity that has a car park near the stadium regarding Salisbury FC supporters using their car park during matches. They need constant access to their car park so they’re being forced to bring in a parking control system which will take valuable time and recourses from the charity. Fines will soon be issued if people keep parking there.

The wider parking picture also needs consideration. Residential and commercial properties in the area should never be hindered by your parking.

For the majority of matches during the season, there is plenty of parking at the Ray Mac which costs just £1 per game or less with a PARKING SEASON TICKET. Every penny that comes into the club is carefully spent within your club, so this little extra support is important and is never wasted.

We always try and look after our neighbours and most are very understanding that our community club will create a bit of disruption. Poor parking or parking on someone else’s property is crossing the line though.
Please consider others when you come to the match.

Ian Pearson
July 27, 2023

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager