As it looks like today’s game will be going ahead…

We’ve made a few changes. We’re now going to trial broadcasting our live away day match commentary via Mixlr. It’s as easy, if not easier than on Twitter (X) and we hope it will improve sound quality and reliability. You can find this audio stream on the LIVE MATCH COMMENTARY page. The link for this page can always be found at the top of our website. When we go live (about 15 minutes before an away match starts), a play button will appear on the Mixlr banner.

You can listen also listen on the Mixlr app that you can download from your App Store for a better experience on mobile.

You can then follow us and be notified when we go live. You can turn your phone off and continue to listen. Plus, get access to the chat room.

You will still be able to interact with us on Twitter @SalisburyFC.

Download & follow “Salisbury FC”

As Mixlr and much of the kit we use is self-funded, the current sponsor for our live commentary is, A Different Gravy. This is something your hosts, Jon and me (Ian) are working on. More news to follow on that.

If you’d like to join us as sponsors of the live commentary or become a Salisbury FC partner in any other way, contact me at [email protected].

If all goes to plan, you’ll hear us at approximately 2.40 – 2.45 pm.

Ian Pearson
November 18, 2023

Ian Pearson

Media & Website Manager